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Construction is well underway for the Intuit Dome in Inglewood, with plans for its grand opening in August.

BY: Hannah Madans Welk

The Los Angeles Business Journal and

By: Eye On Inglewood Staff Writer

Rendering of the Intuit Dome.

Construction is well underway for the Intuit Dome in Inglewood, with plans for its grand opening in August. The impressive $2 billion project will become the new home of the Los Angeles Clippers, owned by Steve Ballmer, starting next season. The state-of-the-art venue is set to host an impressive lineup of 75 to 100 concerts and other shows each year.

Highlighting its features, the arena boasts an enormous acre-sized scoreboard, LED lights in every armrest, a convenient bridge connecting the parking lot to the arena, and an inviting outdoor area in front of the Intuit Dome that includes a team store. The technological capabilities within the facility truly set it apart, allowing for unique light displays during concerts and events. Additionally, the technology can identify the loudest sections of spectators, prompting the T-shirt cannon to interact with that specific area.

Adding to its allure, the Intuit Dome will showcase jerseys from every high school basketball team in California, as well as T-shirts from concerts held at the venue. Gillian Zucker, the Clippers' president of business operations, expressed their attention to detail during the planning process, constantly considering how the facility would be utilized and what features people would desire. Zucker extensively researched venues worldwide to ensure the Intuit Dome would be specifically designed to optimize concert and sporting experiences.

Apart from being a cutting-edge arena, the Intuit Dome will also bring about a significant change for the Clippers by consolidating their operations in one location. Previously, the team played downtown while their offices were located in Playa Vista. With 71,000 square feet of office space and an 85,000-square-foot practice and training facility featuring expansive windows and a sunken garden and pool for players, the new facility aims to streamline operations and enhance player experience. The Clippers' locker room offers spacious 7-foot-wide lockers, each capable of accommodating 36 pairs of sneakers.

To elevate the fan experience, the Intuit Dome will house bunker suites that grant fans access to courtside seats and exclusive suite privileges. Collaborating with hospitality company Levy, the Clippers have also launched 310 Provisions to oversee food and beverage services within the arena. Inglewood will not only be home to the Clippers, as the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers also play at the nearby SoFi Stadium, which has received widespread acclaim. The visionary development by Rams Owner Stan Kroenke, known as Hollywood Park, includes various venues, retail spaces, office buildings, and apartments alongside the stadium.

Gillian Zucker commended Mayor James Butts for his transformative vision and the remarkable achievements he has brought to Inglewood, making it a thriving hub for sports and entertainment.

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