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There are some concerns regarding the hiring of African American officers at Inglewood Police Department.

By: Eye On Inglewood Staff Writer

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Seeing a fair and equal opportunity for African Americans in Inglewood should be a goal.

If someone were to conduct an audit, I'm sure they would likely find that African Americans are not being hired in the police department proportionately.

The Inglewood Police Department hasn't hired a black female officer in around 15 years.

The new black male officers that are hired tend to be relatives of former officers.

The records department of IPD hasn't hired a black person in many years.

What has been observed is that Hispanic supervisors are in positions of hiring, and they seem to be placing Hispanic individuals throughout the IPD at a disproportionate rate.

Shedding light on the issue of representation and equity is needed to be able to address issues within the Inglewood Police Department.

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