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President Biden proposes a $200 million initial payment towards a $1 billion funding for the Inglewood Transit Connector.

By: Eye On Inglewood Staff Writer

ITC Rendering Courtesy of the City of Inglewood

The city of Inglewood has confirmed that President Biden has announced his budget for Fiscal Year 2025, which includes the initial $200 million investment for the Inglewood Transit Connector (ITC) Project.

The Federal Transit Administration will allocate these funds as part of a planned $1 billion investment.

Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts expressed gratitude for the support and affirmed his city's commitment to delivering this transformative project.

“Today, the Biden/Harris Administration demonstrated their commitment to the ITC Project and their faith in the City of Inglewood and its partners to deliver this transformative investment for our community and region,” said Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts. “We are grateful for the support, and we will use it to energize our work further.”

The approval for the project to enter the Engineering Phase was granted by the Biden Administration in December 2023, with a promise of $1.009 billion in federal funds once this phase is completed.

The suggested funding in the Fiscal Year 2025 budget signifies the administration's confidence in finalizing the multi-year funding agreement during that fiscal year. Mayor Butts reassured that efforts are underway to secure the remaining necessary funds from partners to match the federal support.

“Our project team is on track to finalize our funding agreement with the federal government. We are working with our partners to secure the remainder of the needed funds to match this significant federal support for the ITC and expect to have the commitments we need in hand soon,” concluded Mayor Butts.

For more information on the project, interested individuals can visit

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