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A video posted earlier this week shows two male suspects wandering through the Clippers' $2 billion future arena site.,

By City News Service

The video, posted online earlier this week, shows two male suspects wandering through the $2 billion future home of @laclippers arena, @intuitdome, which is expected to be completed in time for next season.

The pair can be seen roaming through the construction site, eventually making their way onto what appears to be a basketball court, where one of the trespassers picks up a ball and starts shooting some baskets. At one point, one of the culprits grabs a fire extinguisher and sprays it at one of the basketball hoops. The pair also appear to make it to the building’s roof.

The trespassers make no effort to conceal their faces or identities, and video of their antics was posted onto a TikTok account that has previous footage of break-ins at nearby SoFi Stadium.

Inglewood Mayor James Butts said officials have identified the trespassers and their parents.

“It will be very clear to these young men — and to people who are TikTok followers — that you have a moment of TikTok greatness followed by a little bit of misery,” Butts told ABC7. “And so we don’t play around with these things.”

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F*** The Mayor of Inglewood alongside the owners of these two stadiums who can care less of the people in the area. Traffic is a mess there’s no traffic control after events no parking enforcement as people don’t respect the people who live in the area and park on our streets and at the target next to Sofi. These corrupted and lame as councils along side the Mayor need to be removed and replaced ASAP . Them announcing the closure of these schools in the area are going to have a huge impact on the minorities as most don’t have transportation nor can there parents afford to be late for work to have to take to different schools.This a sad…

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