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The city of Inglewood has fired former Executive assistant Melanie McDade-Dickens.

Former Executive assistant Melanie McDade-Dickens has been terminated by the city of Inglewood. officials say they cannot disclose why she was fired, however, Melanie McDade-Dickens, was escorted out of City Hall and suspended in July for allegedly violating city policies and “potentially” committing fraud, related to her purchase of a home.

Skip Miller an attorney for the city “This malfeasance was connected to personal financial pressures relating to McDade’s purchase of a home,” Miller wrote in the filing. A letter from McDade-Dickens attorney described additional allegations including that she had city employees improperly alter her tax deductions and assist with home loan documents. According to the Daily Breeze Newspaper Mira Hashmall, an attorney for the city, confirmed the firing Monday "The city is not legally able to disclose the reason at this time, she said." In September, a Lawyer for city accuses Melanie McDade-Dickens of perjury 'on a massive scale' for changing more than 100 answers in her depositions.

Famed OJ Simpson Attorney Carl Douglas submitted an errata — a legal correction — to her depositions that corrected 148 answers. She changed 48 “no” answers to “yes” and provided damaging details that she previously said she could not recall.

The City cannot release the termination letter because of McDade's personnel privacy rights however McDade and her attorney can reveal the letter and the reasons given for the termination. McDade-Dickens’ attorney, Carl Douglas, declined to provide a copy of the termination letter or to discuss the city’s specific allegations

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