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Suspended assistant to Inglewood mayor turns on the city in lawsuit trying to block LA Clippers.

According to the New York Daily News published article Melanie McDade-Dickens, the highly paid executive assistant to Inglewood’s mayor has recanted more than 100 answers she made during depositions in a lawsuit attempting to block a new arena for the L.A. Clippers.

McDade-Dickens was escorted out of City Hall and placed on administrative leave in July for allegedly violating city policies and “potentially” committing fraud, according to a court filing by Skip Miller, an attorney representing the city.

“This malfeasance was connected to personal financial pressures relating to McDade’s purchase of a home,” Miller wrote in the filing.

McDade-Dickens, a former campaign staffer for Mayor James T. Butts Jr. who acknowledged being close with her boss, made more than $342,000 in total compensation in 2018, according to public pay records.

Her attorney, Carl E. Douglas, denies she committed any wrongdoing.

In September, Douglas submitted an errata — a legal correction — to her depositions that corrected 148 answers. She changed 48 “no” answers to “yes” and provided damaging details that she previously said she could not recall.

Douglas said his client was not properly prepared for the earlier depositions by previous attorneys, including Miller, and is now trying to set the record straight, even if it leads to incrimination or attacks on her character.

“She is comfortable now, standing on the corrected record, even if it is embarrassing to her, or to the city of Inglewood,” Douglas said Tuesday.

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