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One Step Closer to NBA Basketball in The City of Inglewood

 Steve Ballmer his L.A. Clippers and the City of Inglewood won approval from the California Air Resources Board to build a $1.2 billion Inglewood arena, despite objections from New York Knicks owner James Dolan. The project completion is earmarked to arrive in time for the 2024 NBA basketball season. The project was stalled back in October 2019 for undisclosed reasons, Sen. Steven Bradford and Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove, who represent Inglewood, had accused the air board of subjecting the project to extra scrutiny because Inglewood is “comprised of black and brown residents.” The road to winning approval required Ballmer to ensure the arena would be designed as a net-zero greenhouse gas emitter. Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts commented on the recent CARB approval, "Today, the City of Inglewood took another step forward toward being a destination of international stature. The California Air Resources Board accepted Steve Ballmer's offer to spend millions of dollars to improve air quality in Inglewood." Butts added, "The Clippers will:

Plant 1,000 trees in InglewoodInstall solar arrays on the arena’s roof and possibly over parking lotsInstall 330 electric vehicle chargers at the arena’s parking lot, and 1,000 residential EV charging stations in InglewoodProvide 10 electric vehicles plus two electric shuttle buses to the city of Inglewood a result of this project, Inglewood will become a leader in the region for environmental and air quality improvement measures. City of Inglewood Councilman of District 3, Eloy Morales said, “The CARB approval is an important milestone that further shows the effort taken by the City and the Clippers to ensure that our community is protected."

Earlier this year the Clippers released community benefits statement that revealed the Clippers plan to invest of $100 Million into the Inglewood community where $20 Million would go to Inglewood Students and Seniors for after-school programs, college scholarships, Parks and Recreation programs, Renovating the Inglewood Public Library, student drop-out prevention services, and improving local basketball courts, which has already begun at Crozier Middle School.

Optimistic about the positive impact on the community, Councilman Morales added, “Ultimately, the Clippers project will bring jobs and valued resources to improve the quality of life for our residents. With it, Inglewood will continue to establish itself as the most exciting destination City of the future.”

Although the Clippers project has passed the CARB approval process, the final buzzer has yet to sound. Ballmer still needs approval from the California Office of Planning and Research, then must issue an environmental impact report, and fend off inevitable lawsuits. Mayor Butts concluded, "Like the legendary Phoenix, Inglewood continues to rise."

Article Courtesy of The City Of Inglewood

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