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“Madam treasurer, you’re out of order,”

City Treasurer Wanda Brown’s behavior has become increasingly erratic, disruptive and belligerent during recent City Council meetings. And frankly, it’s embarrassing.

Tuesday marked the third week in a row that Brown exceeded her time to speak — the only elected official to do so — and in a shocking display, proceeded to basically wild out after her mike was cut off, screaming and shouting, hurling lies and accusations at the council and generally ignoring the decorum expected from officials during council meeting. In short, it was a display designed to humiliate our city.

Strikingly, while berating other officials and shouting that they were “disgusting”, she herself was the one whose behavior was the most inappropriate and objectionable.

According to Mayor Butts, the City Treasurer is afforded time to speak at the Council’s meeting only as a courtesy — not as a matter of right — and she has abused that privilege once too often. “As a courtesy, we have accorded her the opportunity to speak, and we’ve been patient,” Butts said. “But on more than one occasion she’s given out misinformation and she’s consistently gone over time.”

Outrageously, the City Treasurer flat-out lied about another city official, asserting during the meeting that he had traveled to the recent Super Bowl on the city’s dime, when in fact all he had done was have a Super Bowl party at his house!

Now the city treasurer is an elected position in Inglewood, and Wanda Brown has been there since 1987. In other words, she’s been party to both the good and the bad.

She was treasurer when the city was weeks away from insolvency, and she’s been treasurer during this period of economic boom.

The treasurer, the city manager, and the city clerk are all given time to provide comments during council meetings. After Butts became mayor, Brown said she went from having eight minutes to speak to the same three minutes afforded councilmembers. This alignment of speaking time didn’t seem to bother Brown for years —- after all, Butts was elected mayor in 2010, and these outbursts are coming a decade later.

To be clear, the Mayor and councilmembers have been generally supportive of Brown’s work, which at the Council’s policy and direction includes short term investment of excess revenue funds. For years, Brown has been a fan of the Mayor’s, as video from council meetings demonstrates. But she is not a policymaker nor a decision-maker; the treasurer advises the Council and Mayor (who is the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Inglewood).

On the whole, she made Inglewood look terrible. There are ways to relay concerns in a professional manner, but for ANY one of our city representatives sink to screaming and shouting in public is just disgraceful. The word used most often by community members to describe her deportment at the last 3 City Council meetings is “unhinged”.

Tuesday marked the third week in a row that Brown, the city’s longest-serving elected official, was stopped after exceeding her 3-minute time limit while ranting about alleged mismanagement that is not occurring. Ill-informed or not, she has been allowed to express her concerns about the city’s fiscal health and its handling of a first-time home buyer’s program.

“Madam treasurer, you’re out of order,” Councilman Ralph Franklin said as Brown attempted to continue speaking in a rant that exceeded her allotted 3 minutes. Brown can be heard on tape yelling; “You’re out of order!” among other things as she departed the Council Chambers.

Brown packed up her paperwork and left the meeting after the other council members declined her plea for them to attempt to overrule the mayor. Before her exit, she passed an envelope marked “confidential” to a representative of U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Los Angeles.

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