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Letter to the Editor: E-Mail Exchanged with D.J. Scorza, President Inglewood Unified School District

Letter to the Editor:

The following is an exchange of emails that I recently had with D. J. Scorza, President Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD)Board of Education. I'm a private citizen. My wife, Margaret, is a past President of the IUSD Board of Education. I live in the Inglewood school district and because of a concern about the quality of education being delivered to Inglewood's children I express my opinion about what I observe, positive and negative, to school officials and to the community.

I expect, along with others in the community, that the people charged with the responsibility of running our school district are people we can trust to be truthful and transparent and have the best interests of our students. When I find evidence that that is not the case I feel strongly that everyone should know and some corrective action be taken.

The first email in the chain from Scorza is evidence that he is not fit to be the President of the school board and I responded to it. He starts off the email saying he is correcting misinformation about what is going on in the school district and it reads as if he is acting in his role as board President and representing the views of the school district and then he publicly and personally attacks the Mayor of the city where their schools are located. What school board President with common sense does that? The community expects a well functioning alliance to exist between the school district and the city of Inglewood. The school district is under receivership, it needs all the goodwill it can generate. A relationship with the city should be fostered by school board members and can only benefit Inglewood schools.

Scorza's attack on me that occurred on Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 9:24 after I responded to his initial email further confirms he is unfit to be school board President. There are civil and publicly acceptable ways to express disapproval of an elected official or their actions and that's the route I take. He chose to attack me by email expressing himself in a way he would not dare to do publicly or face-to-face to me.

Scorza has a pattern of lashing out when he is challenged or does not get his way. He did it when he accused by email, Ms.LaTanya Kirk Carter, former interim State Administrator (2013) of sexual harassment. Based on what he did it looks like he did it to torture her because she removed his organization, the Social Justice Learning Institute, from operating in Inglewood schools. When officials investigated his claim, after putting her through months of agony he had nothing to say. He sent a bullying email to Margaret, when as board President, she questioned how he had taken over organizing a reception for Dr. Matthews when he arrived as state administrator. Scorza thought Margaret was going to upset his plans and he desperately wanted the board to have the reception and allow him to host it because he "did not feel comfortable attending" the one given by Mayor Butts at the Forum.

Scorza's lashing out at me will not stop me from commenting on what I observe. It's his actions that are the facts that form the basis for my public opinions. I said publicly that he has a tendency to make everything about him like Trump does. Lashing out at me, he proved me right because he could not help referring to himself. I'm not a psychiatrist, but his mentioning his "legacy" shows how cynical he is and tells me that he is confident that he is succeeding in fooling people into thinking he is making a personal sacrifice by working with troubled black males instead of doing something more lucrative. But, that's how he chooses to make a living.

I decided to send you these emails because Scorza thinks he can get away with email attacks because those on the other end of his tirades may be too embarrassed to expose what he said. That way he maintains an acceptable public image, those who don't know him believe he is a person of character and I'm speculating he gets some satisfaction from being an online bully. He miscalculated going after me because he can't embarrass me, especially using lies. His words are both sad and hilarious.But, if no one speaks up, he will continue to do it.

If you want to post these emails, you have my permission. The charity foundations and government agencies that fund his organization should know the character of the person that they are doing business with.

I believe the Inglewood students deserve better from its school board President. A reprimand by the county administrator and school board should be issued to Scorza for his lack of self-control and poor judgement in responding to public opinion he does not like and for abusing his position as board President to publicly denigrate the Mayor of Inglewood. Also, as a consequence of what he did, he should be required to make a public apology to Mayor Butts at the next school board meeting and either a written or public apology to me.

Scorza's words are clearly a bad reflection on the school district and his behavior is not something we want to see our students imitate.


Joe Bowers

Education Equity Coalition

On Fri, Jun 26, 2020 at 9:24 AM D'Artagnan Scorza <> wrote:
I'm going to say this to you for one final time. I love the fact that I live in your head. That you spend so much time preoccupied with me, conducting research about me, focusing on me. I never felt so I don't even think about you and didn't care that you were on this email chain. You are not my legacy and never will be. Now, with sarcasm aside. When we first met, you told me you stayed out of politics because people thought you were an asshole. I convinced you to join the campaign and you warned me back then, that one day I may not like it. Well, I learned later that you were telling the truth. People do think you're an asshole and don't care very much for you. Do you remember that time when you physically threatened Ms. Bell in the boardroom over a chair (her honorary chair) and a real man behind you stood up and told you to leave her alone. Remember how you acted that day, like a bully to an elderly woman who has since passed? All that anger and hatred you have...that's what people will remember about you. Since that's the legacy you're choosing to leave for yourself, so be it. I 'm not here to stop you. I'm not here to ask you to do anything but keep doing you. And, may you continue to live your best life.
PS. - I normally don't put stuff like this in writing but, sometimes, things just need to be said.
Best Regards,
D'Artagnan Scorza, Ph.D. 424.243.5019

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