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Inglewood Measures Explained

There are many questions surrounding the upcoming special elections in Inglewood. Before voting, it is crucial to have the facts on the Measures proposed by the city. Following is an explanation of Measures H and I:

What is a real-estate transfer tax; is it a property tax?

It is not an annual property tax. Real-estate transfer tax is a one-time tax paid at the time of sale. In Los Angeles, the tax is traditionally paid by the seller of the property. However, real estate transactions are subject to negotiation, so either the buyer or seller could pay it.

Are Inglewood’s taxes higher than other comparable cities?

Compared to other neighboring cities, the tax rate is historically low, which means that Inglewood is not receiving revenue that other cities are getting—particularly as real estate values boom in Inglewood. The City of Inglewood has not updated the real estate transfer tax rate since 1967.

How does Measure I financially impact the residents of Inglewood?

Under Measure I, 98% of real estate transactions will remain the same. Measure I will only affect the top 2% of real estate transactions.

What is Measure H?

Measure H raises the hotel visitor tax by 1.5% to stay in line with neighboring cities like Los Angeles and Anaheim. It was designed to capture revenue from current and future hotel development in Inglewood. Any increase in the hotel visitor tax would only impact those who stay in hotel rooms.

Why did the City bring two measures forward?

When the City Council voted to bring these measures to the Inglewood voters on November 2nd, in a special election, its stated goal was that outside investors and visitors should be paying their share to help fund critical city services.

What will these funds help pay for?

Both Measure H and I are general fund measures with goals of preserving and expanding core city services like fire protection, police services, water services, and public transit; keeping Inglewood clean, safe and affordable; and supporting local business in Inglewood and encouraging long-term job creation within the city.

Inglewood will decide

Measures H&I give Inglewood the opportunity to decide if they want to see more revenue and improved city services. Your vote will help make that decision on November 2.


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