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In spite of all of the bad news, we may see and hear, we are so fortunate to live in a community where gracious people do really exist. I have had the extreme pleasure of sharing local Good News right here in our very own community. This month I am so excited to be a vital part of our paying it forward campaign by bringing others joy.

As most of you may know, I am the Co-Owner of A Toast 2 Artistry Paint and Sip right here in Inglewood. What you may not know is that we are so much more than Paint and Sip. You see, I love writing for this particular section of EOI news because I know firsthand the power that is brought about when you give.

By Tracy Shields-Johnson

We absolutely love hosting paint classes for people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend one of our paint and sip events. We have had classes for people with mental health issues, domestic violence survivors, people in recovery programs, children with special needs, but what has brought us to most joy thus far, is to be able to offer free art classes to the Senior Citizens at the City of Inglewood Senior Center beginning January 2020.

I cannot say enough about how grateful every participant in the class was. To see the joy, fun, and laughter of the seniors reminded us further of how important it is to be kind and to pay it forward. When we plant good seeds of giving our talent, time, money and more, we will certainly reap a harvest beyond anything we could ever imagine. Thank you Inglewood Family for allowing our team to be a part of such an awesome community of helpers and givers. We are eternally grateful.

Is there is a good deed that you’d like to highlight? Send it to us at and maybe we’ll feature it! Who knows? Maybe your actions will encourage someone else to give back and make someone’s today, too.

Tracy J.

A Toast 2 Artistry, Inglewood Business Owner

Lover of Kindness

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